Have you read 150 pieces of Canadian literature? Win the Bay of Quinte Canada 150 Literacy Challenge!


Have you been furiously reading away in order to win the Bay of Quinte Canada 150 Literacy Challenge?

Our MP, Neil Ellis, challenged all Bay of Quinte kids to read 150 Canadian books, articles, magazines, or other written media to celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada. Over the past few months, kids have been reading and recording the literature they have been reading, excited to receive their official letter and certificate of completion. Now, the final wrap-up event is being planned and scheduled for mid-June. If you want to receive your letter and certificate at the event, you will need to get your lists in by May 19th. However, if you can’t make that date, don’t worry! You will still get a letter and certificate if you finish your list any time before December 31, 2017. If you come to the event, you’ll have a chance to add to your list as Neil Ellis and his team will be reading even more Canadian literature.

Need a few more books to add to your list? Come to the library and ask for Canadian books, authors, and magazines, and we will be happy to help you find something to read! If you’re ready to submit your list, send them to Neil’s office at 100 Station Street in Belleville, by fax (613-969-3313), or by scanning and emailing them to neil.ellis@parl.gc.ca.