Picton Branch Library


208 Main Street,
K0K 2T0


Phone: (613) 476-5962
Fax: (613) 476-3325
Email: bsweet@peclibrary.org


Tuesday 10 AM-5 PM
Wednesday 10 AM-5 PM
Thursday 10 AM-5 PM
Friday 10 AM-5 PM
Saturday 10 AM-4 PM


On March 12, 1846, a charter was obtained for a Mechanic's Institute in the Town of Picton, which functioned intermittently until 1890 when a meeting was called to establish a full-­fledged library. The Committee appointed was authorized to spend $100 on books. After some years of preparation, in 1902, a bylaw was passed changing the Mechanic's Institute into a Free Public Library. On December 12, 1907, the present building was opened as a new Carnegie Library. One of a limited number of Carnegie designed libraries in Ontario; the building retains much of its original structure and appearance, including oak pillars, elegant archways and a handsome fireplace. Andrew Carnegie's name is perhaps most associated with Carnegie Hall, but this Scottish immigrant turned American industrialist and philanthropist felt that the most significant contribution that could be given to a community was a free library, and he devoted much of his funding and energy to the cause.

3D printing is available at the Picton branch. Cost of printing is $1 plus ¢.03 per minute. The maximum print time is 6 hours. For more information, contact the computer lab staff at techhelp@peclibrary.org or 613-476-5962.


If you’re one of the 3,400 people who visit Picton Library every month, you know that our 110-year-old Carnegie building is overdue for expansion. NOW is the TIME TO RENEW. Soon, a modern extension will double the size of Picton Library and maintain its heritage character.

For more information, go to timetorenew.ca.