Picton Gazette

Every little bit helps and our Picton Library expansion fund mounts daily. Year end at the library is always busy. We have our annual audit, compose our annual report to council, and do our statistical reporting to the Province of Ontario.

This year, added to that, we have been planning events with our fundraising chair Alexandra Bake and her committee. With all of this going on it had been a while since I got an update on our building campaign efforts from our bookkeeper. When she called me with the new total, I was thrilled. We have reached $1.2 million! This, by coincidence, was our original goal.

The need for modifications to address soil quality and the recognition on the part of the board that we needed to be realistic about our space requirements meant that our revised budget is now $2 million dollars.

The response has been heartwarming. Everyone wants to help. A visiting author from Toronto, here to do a reading, wanted to contribute, he donated his honorarium back to the library.

Last weekend, the Waupoos Apple Blossom Festival proceeds were directed in part to the Picton expansion project. One of the groups that meets in the library (and has for years) discussed our project and all of their membership made their way into my office to make a donation. One of our home delivery patrons donated a sketch of the library that she had drawn to be used however we saw fit to raise money for the expansion.

Several people have very kindly said that they believe the stunning success of the County Reads event this year was at least in part because the proceeds were supporting the Time to Renew project.

This month the Vic Café is sponsoring Cookies for a Cause. The proceeds from cookie sales all go to the library. One generous supporter paid $7 for one cookie. To date they have collected over $300 for the library.

On May 27 join the volunteers from the Musical Instrument Lending Library, local musicians and the Friends of the Picton Library at the Prince Edward Yacht Club from 2-5 for an afternoon of music. The tickets are $25 and this is in support of the MILL  area in the expanded library.

The Prince Edward County Master Gardeners have planned an event at the library for June 2 from 1-2. This demonstration that they are calling “Thrillers, Spillers, Fillers: Container Gardening” will assist you as you do your container planting this year. Bring your questions, pictures, opinions and concerns to discuss with experts. Also bring your change. The Master Gardeners are putting out a donation jar for the library. If you are happy with the help that you get for your pesky gardening problems the Master Gardeners would like you to show your gratitude by supporting the library expansion project.

We are still looking for a space on Picton Main Street to sell used books. We receive many donations that we cannot use in the collection, but they are in great condition and could be sold to add to our fund. We also have mugs on order designed by artist Tim Snyder much like those that the BIA sell. If someone has an empty store front that they would consider loaning to us, we could be in business!

Thank you to everyone who has come forward with ideas, cheques and kind words of support for our building project. We are confident that by June of next year we will be ready to break ground. Check out www.timetorenew.ca for progress reports.

-Barbara Sweet