Pi Day at the Library


Today is Pi Day!

Every year on March 14th – 3.14 – the mathematically inclined celebrate Pi Day by eating – you guessed it – pie! Here at the library, we couldn’t let the day go by without acknowledge it and we thought you might want to as well. Why not try out some of these books in order to celebrate!

Make a Pie

If you’ve never made a pie before, Pi Day is the perfect opportunity to take on and master the task! One of these master bakers will certainly be able to help you.

Become a Mathlete

Today is a good day to relearn the concepts of circumference, or any other mathematical concept. Pick up a math book for the first time since you graduated from school, or learn about math and a little bit of life from the perspective of a mathematician.

Read a Good, Math-Inspired Story

Maybe you need a good book to read with your kids and help them get excited about math? Try this one, the perfect picture book to read on Pi Day!