Finger Knitting at the Library!


It was a full house at the Picton Branch Library on Friday, March 3rd for our day of knitting activities, but the participants weren’t who you might expect! We have vibrant knitting clubs at our Picton, Wellington and Milford Branch Libraries, but this particular crowd had significantly less knitting experience than those groups. Not only that, they were knitting in a brand new way – without needles!

A large groups of kids decided to drop in on their PA day to learn how to knit for the first time. In the morning, the younger group of kids learned how to knit without needles, looping the yarn between their fingers instead. In the afternoon, Julie and Whitney endeavoured to teach a group of older kids how to add in the needles. Each child got to take home their very own needles and a ball of yarn so they can continue to practice their new skills.