Picton Gazette

It has not been entirely smooth sailing in the library world of late.
The cancellation of Interlibrary Loan program for the month of May was a most unexpected turn of events. As of June 1, the County of Prince Edward Public Library is fully open for business in the Interlibrary Loan Department, but alas not every library in Southern Ontario has been so quick to re-introduce the service. It is true that mailing is much more labour intensive for library staff but with the cancellation of the delivery service we have no alternative.
It’s also true the library will have to bear the cost of lending activities until the end of the year when Southern Ontario Library Service will issue reimbursement. However, it is about service to our patrons and we will find a way to make this new way of doing business work for our customers.
One problem almost solved and June ushers in another challenge. We are very much looking forward to the square in front of the Armoury. The owners have graciously suggested that some of our children’s programming could take place there. The paving stones will extend right up to the west wall of the library and the rear accessible door. Patrons will be able to short cut across the square to the rear entrance and will not have to worry that the sidewalk is too narrow for their walker or scooter. The end result will be lovely and we are looking forward to enjoying the benefits, but in the mean time our back children’s room door, the accessible entrance and the after-hours drop box are unavailable. The work is expected to take about one month So please bear with us.
The alternate route into the library to avoid the stairs is down the driveway between the Regent Theatre and the library. The back door is ramped and open for your convenience. You will enter the building right by the elevator doors if your destination is the adult department. Directional signs will mark the way if you are unsure. The back door is not equipped with an automatic opener, but computer lab staff will respond to a knock on the door if you require assistance. The drop box is off limits – but you can drop library books at the Armoury at the library’s Pop-up store. As well, you can use the drop boxes at any of our branches or drop your returns at a branch that you may not have visited before.
Our neighbours to the East, The Marans Dinebar, have agreed to accept library returns while the drop box is out of commission. They are open until 8:00 p.m. in the evening Wed- Sun. If you arrive too late for library open hours, follow the great smells and leave your after-hours returns at Marans. It might be the perfect opportunity to give their food a try.
While the finishing touches are underway in the Atrium area of the Armoury, the Pop-up shop will move temporarily to the back where the Wooden Spoon is located. Once the coast is clear we will be back up in the Atrium area but in one of the office spaces while Art In the County is going on from June 21st to July 8th . If you haven’t visited the renovated Armoury, you’re in for a treat. I hope that you seek out the Pop-up store and load up on beach reads. All proceeds help our Time to Renew campaign.
If heat, lack of parking or no access to transportation keeps you from visiting the library remember we do home deliveries. Simply call 613-476-5962 to find a solution that will meet your reading or technological needs. We are always willing to find a creative way to deliver library service to Prince Edward County residents.

-Barbara Sweet