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Saturday of the County Reads…More! promises to get off to a rollicking start. Author and journalist Tim Falconer starts the day at 10 a.m. at the Picton Town Hall. Falconer is the author of Bad Singer: the Surprising Science of Tone Deafness and How We Hear Music.

The book is an account of Falconer’s congenital amusia or tone deafness, his research into the condition and his determination to be able to “belt a few tunes in public”. Tyler Ellis is a musician/songwriter and music teacher. He is a good singer. Together Tyler and Tim explore the science of this condition that affects only 2.5 per cent of the population and their shared love of music. This presentation combines reading sections of the book, Falconer’s experiences, and documentary-style audio and visual clips. This all combines to equal a presentation quite unlike any that you have seen before.

The Vic Café, conveniently located down the street from the Town Hall and beside the library will be offering a special County Reads…More! bowl throughout the week of April 16-21. Show your ticket for one of our events and get a free cookie with your meal. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this specially created bowl, will go to support the Picton Library expansion.

After lunch at the Vic Café return to the Town Hall at 2 p.m. for author readings and panel discussion moderated by Ken Murray. Murray, an author, teacher and local radio station host is returning for a second year to both host County Reads and to moderate the panel discussion for County Reads…More! His humour and wit will ensure maximum entertainment. His panel of writers consists of Rosemary Sullivan, Brad Smith and Catherine Graham. Sullivan was born just outside of Montreal. She attended McGill University and then the University of Sussex. After completing her PhD she moved to France to teach at the University of Dijon and then at the University of Bordeaux. After two years in France she returned to Canada to take up a position at the University of Victoria. She joined Amnesty International in 1979 and in 1980 founded the Toronto Arts Group for Human Rights. At the University of Toronto, Sullivan founded a new master’s program in English in the field of creative writing.

The extensive research for Stalin’s Daughter involved interviews with Stalin’s grandson, Svetlana’s cousins, her work colleagues, friends, schools she attended and the places she lived. She accessed correspondence from Russian archives between Svetlana and her father. Stalin’s Daughter is sold in 22 countries and has won numerous awards.

Panelist No.2, Smith, grew up in Canfield, Ont. He worked at many jobs including one with the signal department of the Canadian National Railroad. This job took him to South Africa to help establish the signal system there. He now writes and builds custom homes. D.B. Jackson, winner of the Western Heritage Award says of The Return of Kid Cooper: “Brad Smith explores powerful universal themes while bringing to life unforgettable characters that make this book a must read.”

Finally, Graham, author of The Celery Forest, lives and writes in Toronto. She teaches creative writing, mentors privately and along with other fellow University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies writing instructors (one of them being our moderator Murray), helps run The Platform Reading Series. Graham started writing poetry after she lost both of her parents while an undergraduate at McMaster University. She followed this passion to Northern Ireland where she studied poetry and was influenced by the community of poets. Catherine earned her master’s degree in creative writing at Lancaster University and published her first collection of poetry while in Norther Ireland.

This brief introduction to the writers featured on day three of The County Reads …More! gives you a sense that this is not to be missed! Please join us on Saturday, April 21st at the Picton Town Hall to meet these accomplished people and hear more. Tickets are available at the door or in advance at any branch of the library. Morning – $10, Afternoon – $20. Proceeds to support the Picton Library building fund.

Don’t forget The County Reads on Thursday and two authors on Friday – visit peclibrary.org/countyreads for the complete schedule of events.

-Barbara Sweet