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Valentine’s Day is around the corner; a chance, in the dreary midst of February, to celebrate the people and things we love most. This year, the Library is looking for Valentines! While we may not buy you roses, consider how stalwartly the Library has been there for your mind, providing tools and resources for learning all year round. We are passionate about creating opportunities for learning at every age and for every interest. Whether you’d like to brush up on your computer savvy or learn a new language, the Library is there for you! Will you be there for us?

As an immigrant living in Parkdale in the 50s and 60s, Oriella Stillo had no money for books. She would pick through her neighbours’ garbage bins to find old magazines and newspapers, hungry for reading material. When the Parkdale Library opened its doors in 1964, her “world exploded”. She remembers: “The library became my second home with frequent after school and Saturday visits, probing the endless shelves of books, making my selections and bringing my treasures home. I never felt lonely if I could immerse myself into a book with a riveting story or another time period or another world. I was no longer limited to a few blocks surrounding my home; my imagination soared and to an immigrant child my possibilities became endless.”

Oriella is a great example of a Library lover who gives back. She’s now a member of the Library’s Fundraising Committee, and has helped organize Comedy Night at the Library, among other initiatives.

She continues to be an avid supporter as well as frequent patron.

“Upon our recent move to Prince Edward County, one of my first contacts was a visit to the Picton Public Library to acquire my new member’s card,” Oriella says. “I was immediately made to feel welcome and grateful to be included in the community. From the book club that graciously accepted me, to the Newcomers get together that educated me, my involvement in the County Reads Authors Festival and my future attendance at the Women Killing it Crime Writers Festival, I have come to realize that this library provides so much more than books.”

Help us spread the love so that more people like Oriella can benefit. You may have already heard about our lawn sign campaign; people are proclaiming their Library love and we are thrilled to see it! We’re hoping to intensify this campaign in February, the month of love, and we hope you’ll be a part of it. All you need to do is make a donation at any one of our six beautiful branches, take home a sign and place it where all can see. It only takes $5, although the sky’s the limit on how much you can give. We hope you’ll be moved to be as generous as you can within your means.

For a more interactive way to make a difference, come out to Picton United Church for An Afternoon At the Movies, an organ concert like no other Feb. 16th at 2:30 p.m, tickets are $20 and available at ticketscene.ca and at the door.

Proceeds support the Picton Library expansion and the Hospital’s Back the Build campaign.

And as always, we hope to see you in for a program or a visit soon, to keep in mind why we love our Library so!