Cheryl Bruce and Jennifer Sommer of the Spectral Musings Podcast

COV, Literally

We were joined by Cheryl Bruce and Jennifer Sommer who have recently started a podcast entitled Spectral Musings.

Based in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Spectral Musings is a podcast that delivers titillating tales of hauntings and history, in our backyard and beyond.

As you will hear in their interview they are interested in hearing your spooky stories - even family stories that have been handed down through the years. You can contact Cheryl and Jennifer by email at


In our conversation, Cheryl mentioned her history working at the Prince Edward County Archives when it was in the County Court House building and jail. This postcard (Courtesy of the Prince Edward County Archives) features the front of the building.

The Archives have since moved to the Wellington Branch Library building to allow for a climate controlled building that was safer for the material. 

If you are interested in the jail, Janet Kellough shares the story of the double hanging that occurred at the jail. Need help accessing Spectral Musings? The Library's tech help team can help.  Reach them by email or phone (613) 476-5962.