Book Review: Wings of Fire Series

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Book Review- Wings of Fire Series, by Tui T. Sutherland
By Nathan H.

I started reading Wings of Fire when I turned 9 years old. The genre is a fiction book all about exploring and adventuring.

The main characters are Clay, Tsunami, Starflight, Glory and Sunny. These are the Dragonets of Destiny. Some other characters are Blister, Morrowseer, Riptide, Anemone, Blaze and the queens of each kingdom. The main characters change throughout the book series.

This story is about 5 dragonets who go to their dragon kingdoms and their goal is to stop the war. Along the way they get caught and held as prisoners but they always find a way out.

The theme of loss plays a big role in this book series. My text to text connection was that my Grandma died while I was reading the second book. Now every time I pick up the book series I cry a little bit.

I think kids ages 8 to 20 will like this book series. Also if you do not like gruesome you may not like this book series because it has lots of blood and killing. But if you like books about battles and war you will love this book series.

Thank you.