Book Review: Penderwick Series


Book review By, Alana Howe

Penderwicks is a great novel series with lots of interesting adventures. This is a fiction, coming of age, adventure and drama book series.

Some of the characters in this novel are Mr. Penderwick, (the father of the four sisters), Rosalind (the oldest sister), Sky (the astrophysicist of the four sisters/ the second oldest), Jane (the writer of the sisters/ the second youngest), Batty (the youngest), Hound (batty’s greatly adored dog), Jeffrey (the best friend) and Mrs. Tifton (Jeffrey’s rich, mean mother).

These books take place in Arendal (Mrs. Tiffton’s mansion), Gardam Street, the penderwicks home and point mouette, the Penderwick’s aunt’s home.

This novel is about four sisters, a dog and a widowed father that go on five fantastic adventures and meet some new family, friends and enemies along the way. The Penderwicks series might appeal to you if you like fiction, coming of age, romance, drama and adventure. Ages 8+ might enjoy this series.

The theme of this book is person vs. person and person vs. self. I think you will like this book if you like little women because they are kind of similar.