Book Review: Before the Coffee Gets Cold


Before the coffee gets cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

In a small alleyway in Tokyo, there is a small café that has been brewing coffee for more than one hundred years. At first glance there is nothing out of the ordinary about the café, but according to legend: the café possesses a way to travel back in time. However, any patron wishing to go back in time, must follow the unique and specific rules provided. Throughout the story, you learn about an intriguing cast of characters, and their relationship to this café.

This book is the epitome of what I would describe as pleasant. It’s the perfect book if you’re in a reading slump of if you want a short enjoyable read. It’s a relatively short read, I read it in a night, although I didn’t put it down once. Its beautifully written, the language is simple and not flowery and yet it still brings you deep into the unique atmosphere of the story. Although it is simple, the writing feels almost akin to poetry. It was a unique read, as the world is very ordinary and yet the main plot point is something we would consider fantastical, however, in the story it was seen as nothing out of the ordinary. It is an easy read and feels you with a certain type of warmth, whether that’s due to the café setting of the book or the atmosphere all around. The characters are interesting, as they all appear simple, but you can’t help but be intrigued by them. Each character has a mystery and backstory to them that is well thought out and worked beautifully into the story. I would highly recommend if you’re in need of a simple, yet beautiful, short read. I would recommend adding the book to your repertoire.