A Little Romance for Valentine’s Day


It’s not hard to find a good romance to read for Valentine’s Day. Authors like Danielle Steele, Debbie Macomber, and Nicholas Sparks keep the fans of romance novels reading all year round. But, on a special day like Valentine’s Day, you might want to celebrate with something truly special. Some poetry to share with your valentine, perhaps. Or maybe a biography focused on a real life romance. How about a love story from a new perspective? Check out these titles to see how varied writing about love is and to find something truly special to read on this day of love.

‘Til We Meet Again
Ray & Betty Whipps

This memoir of love and war describes the World War II experiences of Ray and Betty Whipps and their reunion at the end of the war after Ray was held captive in a German prisoner-of-war camp and had been presumed dead.

The Love Poems of John Donne

Donne’s poetry embraces a wide range of secular and religious subjects. He wrote cynical verse about inconstancy, poems about true love, Neoplatonic lyrics on the mystical union of lovers’ souls and bodies and brilliant satires and hymns depicting his own spiritual struggles.

How to Look for Love: A Refreshing New Take on Men, Women, and Romance
Mari Ruti

This non-fiction page-turner examines relationships from a new perspective. It explains that, while relationship advice books discourage the sense of wonder that makes falling in love special, avoiding heartbreak should not be a goal because out of pain comes growth and wisdom.

Hemingway in Love: His Own Story
A. E. Hotchner

In this memoir, Hotchner recounts the story Hemingway told him, of the affair that destroyed his first marriage: the truth of his romantic life in Paris and how he lost Hadley, the true part of the literary woman he’d create and the great love he spent the rest of his life seeking.

Sweet Dates in Basra
Jessica Jiji

After two Iraqi families, one Jewish and one Muslim, break through a wall in the 1930s to accommodate a shared water pipe, a Jewish boy falls in love with an Arab maid, whose mother is determined to preserve her daughter’s honor in a land where the loss of it can be punishable by death.