Picton Home Hardware – Library Holiday Heroes!


The Picton Branch Library Expansion Fund is set to receive a wonderful holiday gift this year from Picton Home Hardware and the Busscher Family. They will match all donations given through the month of December, up to $25,000. During this time of giving your donation will have double the impact and will help the library to the finish line.

Adam Busscher toured the expanded library last week. “I had seen the plans,” he said, “but seeing it in person was so impressive.” After the tour, he was inspired to make this matching gift to the library.

“Picton Home Hardware are our holiday heroes,” said expansion fundraising committee chair, Alexandra Bake, who was accompanied by chair of the library board, Devon Jones, to receive this good news from Adam and Mark Busscher. “Approximately $100,000 remains to be raised of our $2,800,000 fundraising goal. Our Community is so supportive and this wonderful challenge from the Busscher Family will most certainly help us to the finish line.

Construction on the Picton Branch Library expansion is well underway. The new construction is close to completion and in the New Year Library Services will move into the building while the existing library is renovated and restored. Project completion is anticipated for Early summer 2023!


A photograph of Adam Busscher, Alexandra Bake, Mark Busscher, and Devon Jones at Picton Home Hardware.

From left to right: Adam Busscher, Alexandra Bake, Mark Busscher, and Devon Jones, photographed at Picton Home Hardware.