Expansion, Picton Gazette

The Renew Online Art Auction is well underway and we’re thrilled at the response we’ve received! At this time we thought we would address some common questions to help make the process more user friendly. We hope this will clarify any questions you may have.

To quote fundraising committee chair Alexandra Bake, “The (Picton Carnegie Library expansion) project is almost there! With over three quarters of the necessary funds raised and with the project out to tender we are hoping to start construction this summer. Every bid will help us come closer to reaching our fundraising goals for this project. Your bid will go to a truly important cause and you will be acquiring a treasure for your home!” Below are some of the most frequent questions we’ve received, and our best answers.

Question: What’s the reason for the blind bidding system?

Answer: There are a couple of reasons we chose this path. Pragmatically, it was the most cost-effective way to create an auction, so that the maximum proceeds could go towards the Library. Perhaps a more important reason for the blind bidding system is that it has an effect on the psychology of the auction. The mind set of incremental bidding is to get the lowest price for the pieces you are bidding on. As this is a fundraiser we decided on blind bidding because it encourages the highest bids you are willing to make in order to win the pieces you love in support of a great cause!

Question: How does blind bidding work?

Answer: When you click on a piece of art you will notice a high and low estimate for each one. These are based on the price the artist would normally charge for the work. You are welcome to bid anywhere between or above these numbers. You will not be able to see other bids as they come in, but you may raise your own bid as many times as you like. It might help to think of the process like a real estate bidding war, where no party can know what others have bid on a property. With that in mind, your bid reflects what the piece is worth to you and what you can afford. We might add to this that since this auction is for a great cause, a high bid has the virtue of giving more to the Library Expansion, which is really at the heart of it all!

Question: Where do I find the estimates on the artwork?

Answer: Just scroll down to below the artwork for the dimension details and estimates.

Question: What if I would rather not bid on a piece, but still would like to donate?

Answer: We have added a “Just Donate” button for this very purpose! If the pieces you love are out of your price range, or if you can’t find anything that’s quite your style, please feel free to give a donation instead. No amount is too small!

Question: Is the bid secure?

Answer: Yes! We use your credit card simply as a placeholder for your bid. At the end of the auction these numbers will be destroyed and no records are kept.

Question: How do I pay for the artwork?

Answer: In order to place your bid you will be asked to provide a credit card number. This is simply to hold the bid and will only be charged after April 30 if your bid is the highest, and only if you choose that credit card as your preferred method of payment. If your bid is successful, you will be contacted with other payment options. These include cheque, e-transfer, money order, et cetera. We hope this has provided some insight into the structure of Renew and the benefits of a blind bidding system. For any other queries, e-mail us through the Renew Art web site: www.renewart.ca/contact-us.