Expansion, Picton Gazette

The green light for the Picton Library branch expansion has been lit.

Prince Edward County Council unanimously approved the request to expand the Picton Library and accept the tender for renovation at its meeting Tuesday night.

The project was held up last fall after Council had some reservations over projected costs versus what was in the budget and what had been raised but since Sept. 2019 when Prince Edward County Library Board members first made their deputation to Council, there has been no additional costs to project and funds have continued to roll in.

Sandy Murray, chair of the library finance committee, announced that the project is 100 per cent fully funded and that 82 per cent of the fundraising goal has been raised.

Given another year to fundraise and with projected costs remaining static, supporters of the expansion have come through with flying colours to help make the dream of expanding the Carnegie-era library a reality. Mayor of Prince Edward County Steve Ferguson. (Jason Parks/Gazette Staff)

“We have all the faith in the world. We look forward to hearing about and seeing the results. Thank you for your hard work,” Mayor Ferguson praised.