Anti-Racism Reading List


If you’re interested in reading about race, here are a few starting points. Contact your local branch for more suggestions “Elegantly written and powerful in several areas: moving personal recollections; profound cultural analysis; and guidance for moral redemption. A work to relish.” – Toni Morrison Available as a print book, …

Historic Designation

Our interview with Liz Driver (PEHAC), Braydon Scully (Homeowner), and Molly McGowan (Archivist) will explore how and why you may want to obtain a historic designation. Q&A session to follow. Click HERE to register.

Calligraphy Lessons

Live on Instagram @litteraeditor. Learn the basics of Gothic Calligraphy with Tommy Ferris. Tommy Ferris is an artist and calligrapher from Toronto, now living in Wellington. He specializes in Gothic Calligraphy. Some of his work can be found on Instagram @litteraeditor. Need help accessing an Instagram live feed? Contact …

Apple iOS 101 Webinar

Let’s get comfortable with our iPads and iPhones! No matter what model you have, you will discover basic usage tips and tricks through this webinar. We will cover device care, settings, updates, apps, and more. Click HERE to register.

Android 101 Webinar

There are many different kinds of Android devices- LG, Samsung, Google, and more. Learn the basics of the Android operating system, including personalization, security, downloading apps, and more on your tablet and smartphone. Click HERE to register.

Google Apps Webinar

A Gmail address is not just for email! It also comes with many other free services, including the storage of photos, creation of calendars, documents, spreadsheets, and much more. We will discuss how to use these services. Click HERE to register.

iCloud Webinar

Apple devices come with 5 free GB of iCloud storage. But what is iCloud, exactly, and how can you use it? We will discuss the purpose of this service and how you can use it to store photos, contacts, and much more. Click HERE to register.