Science Class

Join us for 8 weeks of science class using the elementary science and technology curriculum, grades 2-5. We’ll ignite scientific curiosity through weekly experiments focused on core concepts including matter, energy, structure and function.

Participants will be sent a list of items needed and a companion video for each project. When we meet in person on Zoom, we will make try the experiment together and discuss the science behind it. Ages 5+.

Week 1: Elastic Bunny – tension and potential energy
Week 2: Paddle boats – simple machines, tension and potential energy.
Week 3: Non-Newtonian fluids – matter
Week 4: Rainbow Jar – density
Week 5: Paper Air planes – the action of lift, air, movement
Week 6: Shapes – structural strength
Week 7: Static Plates: static electricity
Week 8: Origami: patterns and coding