The Duelling Dames (FULL): Picton

The Duelling Dames is live theatre with all-female sword fighters that teaches history with hilarity, astounds with sword fighting skills, and is daring enough to bring swashbucklers onstage. You can also stick around after the show to learn some of the skills first hand in a short workshop.

The Story: The Quinquagenarian Queen and the Puerile Princess argue…about everything. The Queen believes rulers should be like a sword, possessing a strong hilt. The Princess believes a sharp tip, representing youth, is a better metaphor. Fighting over how to fight, these lovable characters bring knights onstage, whom they train for minutes and minutes…for a battle that is a hilarious as it is real, for there are no winners. A delightful tale that both excites families about history while teaching anti-violence strategies. Head to to reserve your spot to this daring duel!

Picton Public Library