Joyce Nelson: Picton Town Hall

We are happy to announce that Joyce Nelson will be joining us here in the county on October 24 at 7 P.M., at the Picton Town Hall (aka the old firehall) on 2 Ross Street in Picton.

As well as Beyond Banksters: Resisting the New Feudalism she will read from her upcoming sequel. In Bypassing Dystopia, Nelson provides hope for resistance and highlights what people all over the world are doing to challenge this “new feudalism.”

Come out to listen, engage, and gain understanding of the impacts private banks and investment firms have on our democracies, communities, and daily lives. Learn about their role in corporate rights agreements such as NAFTA and CETA (and the draconian, waiting-in-the-wings TISA), our current government’s involvement, and the neoliberal ideology that promotes corporations’ ability to operate without restraint or accountability.

Presented by the Council of Canadians Quinte and the County of Prince Edward Public Library. This is a free event, donations appreciated. Hope to see you there.